You may ask “Hey — Joseph Federico, why blog about travel and food?”

Why Travel?

My job involves plenty of travel.  I am in the office more often than not, but still spend a lot of time either on the road or in the air.
I have taken road trips throughout the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region.  Beyond that, I fly to visit clients and potential clients across the country and around the world.  Add to that my trips to trade shows and conferences, and it is enough to send me around the world more than a few times a year.  A few years ago, I did just that; took one business trip that took me around the globe.

Why Food?

On most of my foreign visits I get a  number of chances to sample the local cuisine.  Other trips are just too brief and too packed for anything but business and a quick bite. I’ve been to many cities multiple times a year, both in the US and abroad, so I have been able to eat at a number of restaurants.

On the local side, I’m a native New Jerseyan.  I’ve been eating out around northern New Jersey since I was old enough to eat.  Between business meetings, local trips and just enjoying myself with family and friends, I’ve visited many restaurants north of the Raritan River and quite a few in New York City, as well.

…..And a Little About Me  (Joseph Federico)

I’ve been living in Wayne New Jersey for most of my life.  I work in Clifton, NJ, and have been traveling for business for over 20 years.  My favorite cuisines are Italian (of course!) and most Asian cuisines (Thai, Japanese).  Eating a great meal out with good friends and family to be one of the pleasures of my life.