Dreamliner: Spacious and Quiet

Last November I found out that I would be participating in a very important business meeting to be held for only two days in Tokyo, Japan. While last minute travel like this comes as no surprise to me, even having traveled around the world in six days, it is still very exhausting to take a 15 hour flight and get to work immediately thereafter.  Forty eight  hours later, I had learned that I will be returning home on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner on a United Airlines flight from Tokyo Narita airport to Los Angeles International.

 Having flown similar trips like this on a Boeing 777 and an Airbus A380, I was pleasantly surprised by the following amenities that made this trip a very pleasant 12 hour flight back to Los Angeles.

Dreamliner Amenities

 When first entering the aircraft, I was surprised at the large overhead bin’s which gave you extra cabin space storage for  your bags.

 As we took off, I was amazed at how quiet the engines were which made it very easy to fall asleep. There were plenty of  power outlets to help your devices charged and it was very easy stay connected while surfing the web and checking my emails at 40,000 feet.

Dreamliner Spacious Seats

As the flight continued, I felt very comfortable in the spacious seats in coach class. I felt that the head rest was comfortably adjustable and there was adequate leg room even without an upgrade. I felt that the air circulation was very good and the cabin lighting was entertaining changing colors depending on the time of day.

 After traveling around the world for many years, I am very confident to say that for once adequate comfort doesn’t come with a bigger price tag. The Dreamliner is a hit in my book.

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  1. The spacious seats, the quiet and the superior air quality make this airliner sound great. Thanks for writing about it. I look forward to flying on it someday.

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