Star Tavern: home to great pizza

Pizza from Star Tavern

Star Tavern

400 High St, City of Orange, NJ 07050

Phone: (973) 675-3336


A few weeks ago on a Saturday evening, I had just finished working a 12 hour day. The weather was pretty lousy outside snowing for much of the day and I was craving a real good thin crust pizza. It had been almost 2 years since I had visited the Star Tavern at 400 High St. in Orange NJ. I missed the ambiance of eating a piping hot thin crust pizza served fresh from the oven.

Star Tavern
Star Tavern

I decided to make the trip and indulge in this pizza goodness regardless of the weather or how late it was. Once I had arrived, I knew it would be a bit of a wait however I was very patient enjoying a house salad and catching up on the NFL playoffs which was broadcast throughout the restaurant.

I ordered the house thin crust half pizza with half sausage and olives. Once it had arrived, I was amazed at how picture perfect it looked. The aroma awoke every sense in my body in preparation for a great meal. After taking my first bite, I knew that the pizza was spot on. The sauce, cheeses, olives sausage were all very succulent and the crust was perfectly crunchy. More surprisingly was taking a few slices home and reheating them the following evening. Amazingly the taste and the crunchiness were as accurate as they were the night before.

I am definitely not waiting another two years before my next return.